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Feed My Lambs Private Primary

Posted by Mojoe on August 8th, 2008

Hi my name is Nikita Bauer and I am a student at Feed My Lambs Private Primary school. I started there in grade one and I am currently in grade seven. I’ll never forget my first day there, it was scary. Almost all the children in my class were crying that day including myself. At first I thought school was all about learning. learning, learning, getting scolded at and getting spanked when you do a little mistake. I was definitely wrong, yes school is about learning but there are many fun times. You make friends, you play games during break, you have concerts and you do many other fun activities. School is actually great and I enjoy it.

I am currently a Top Academic Achiever and a prefect. Becoming a Academic Achiever and a prefect was not easy. You have to work hard, study very hard, read alot, believe in yourself and pray daily. Here is some free advice from me, with God on your side believe me, anything is possible. I’ve leaned that if you work hard you will always get rewarded in some manner. The principal Mrs. A Goss is great. She is very religious and tells us bible stories every Monday without fail. She inspires us to work hard and never give up no matter how hard the challenge is. I’ve really learned alot from her and I pray that God will bless her and help her to accomplish her dreams.

Thanks & God Bless

EW Hobbs Primary

Posted by Mojoe on August 5th, 2008

Now in all fairness one has to pay tribute to the teachers at the primary school level. They form the foundation of our education. I attended E.W Hobbs Primary School in my days. Back then school was still cool, the teachers gave it their all and the learners were still learners. We were truly proud to be “Hobbsies”.

My first day at school was rather exciting as its for any new grade one. I was dressed for success, and marched my short little self boldly into the school gate. Reality kicked in when I approached my classroom, my mother and I walked pass the first class when suddenly through the window of what would be my class, a boy jumped desperately trying to get away. He was caught by another parent, the door opened and my soon to be teacher emerged and quickly took him back into classroom. I remember standing frozen and concerned this was not what I imagined school to be like.”I want to go home! what are they doing to the children in there?” I asked my mother. Her response was “ag man hy is net stout”. I walked into the class, greeted the teacher, said goodbye to my mother and was shown to my seat. Turns out that my mother was right it all turned out well, the teacher was not a monster after all. Primary school was great and thanks to the teachers who gave of them self unselfishly we all have our own little success stories to share today.

Viva Hobbsies Viva

Yusuf Bowes - “The one & Only”

Class of ‘94

Collingwood Primary

Posted by Mojoe on August 4th, 2008

Born in Johannesburg, raised by my mother and aunts. My life has been one roller coaster ride. Changing schools ain’t the easiest. I changed schools five times, primary and high school, boy did that blow my mind. I felt really messed up. One minute I thought I had my education under control, the next, I here we moving to Durban.

Nevertheless, I tried to make the most of the journey. I was not a bright student, but my aunt felt sorry for me. In grade 3 she gave me the question papers with the answers ‘nogals’ and I would study them. It really made my heart sore, because thinking about it now, if it had not been for her, I probably would have been a drop out. I probably would have repeated some standards.

I really feel right now that my aunt thought I would not make it and that is why she did what she did. Don’t blame me. Nobody is too blame here. Here I am today, married with one child and I made it. Never thought I would be writing, because I was poor at writing compositions.